The problem...
Oh goddamn, i cant even express how mad your comment made me, Blyss Sarania. "Guess you didn't learn your lesson the first time."
And sorry for moving my ***** into download folder from some random place i would never find it. Okay, i did not take much time choosing where i would put it so bam, there it is. Well i guess i will have to move it to desktop if thats what matters.
I guess i will just keep trying and trying. I do appreciate every attempt to help, but jumping into that kind of conclusions are not the help i want.
The problem is a read error, as said earlier. Oh and its not wared, the game, the disc, the case, and this is no warez talk nor discussion nor linking warez. I dont even know whats so bad in that sentence "Guess you didn't learn your lesson the first time.", but ffs, thats not the nicest advice i have gotten. Not saying you should be so friendly for me after this but do not be a smartass. Anyway, the game. Its the same read errors every time, and its not in every event i load, but when it occurs, the loading screen goes on forever. "Guess you didn't learn your lesson the first time.".

Oh, and by the way, i am a bit upset.

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If you would have actually been civil then your thread would have been reopened and I would have apologized.

But you weren't.
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