The texture replacement does not appear to work

First time poster here, I have a problem with the "Load texture" option in PCSX2. 
I have dumped the textures from a game to the "textures/gameID/dump" folder, edited some and put the edited files in "textures/gameID/replacements" folder, and they do not appear in game at all after activating the "load texture option". 

My goal is to replace textures with upscaled ones, but even when the textures have the exact same resolution and exact same file format, there is no change in the game. 
When I enable the load texture checkbox, I see some quick flashes on the objects, likely indicating that the textures are being reloaded. But I only see vanilla textures, not edited ones.

My problem seems similar to
But I don't have any tool that is interfering with the files names. 

I would like to present this game to my girlfriend in all HD, and this is the only part that is blocking me from doing so. :/ 
Hopefully, someone can help me resolve this issue. 
I would greatly appreciate it, PCSX2 community. Thank you! 

Additional infos:
The game is "Soul Reaver 2" PAL (SLES-50196)
The PCSX2 build I use is v1.7.472 latest Nightly. Although, I have also tried older nightly version.
RTX 3060 gpu, amd 5600x cpu, emulator and game are on a ssd, but it does not seem hardware related.

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