This forum WTF
OK, if we download a game, it's bad the thread is closed ok.

But ! If we download a BIOS, it is illegal ?! (i know it is illegal but: )


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Dont know and don't care.
Let's say among the ones that pirated their bios, most of them are at least smart enough to avoid being spotted.
Other people aren't...
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Great, so i love you men.
You're welcome
CPU : AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
Mobo : Asus PRIME B450-PLUS
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(07-10-2015, 11:45 PM)Matomat Wrote: Great, so i love you men.

I dumped my BIOS. It takes a few seconds and it's easy.
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I actually can ensure you that 99% of the active users have a legal bios version. How I know? Well, I am 99% of active users. I have hundreds of profiles because I am a lunatic that likes to fake conversations. And I have a legal bios as I just said (as nobbs)
Can confirm, I am willkuer.
His name was Robert Paulson
Opps i ment willkuer
Matomat - Who know`s how much piracy goes on by forum members? It`s beside the scope of this forum to care, However piracy is Never supported. And the reasons should be obvious, but if not let`s spell it out. Pcsx2 is a legal Emulator even though it uses Sony`s own bios, and that`s only okay if you have ripped your own bios from your Ps2. Concidering Pcsx2 does have some Sony code(bios) and concidering Sony`s treatment of Bleem,( a Ps1 emulator who`s company went out of buisness when sony took them to court repeatedly, funny thing though is the court found them not guilty, but they went broke from the legal fee`s) the Pcsx2 team take`s great efforts to show Sony (if they are monitoring) that this Emulator is ONLY for legal use. So you can understand the NO PIRACY stance that this forum takes
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I'm closing this thread, it's obviously made from stupid.
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