This is how you can get Guitar Hero 2 to run at a great FPS on PCSX2
I have figured a way to get Guitar Hero 2 to run very well on PCSX2.
I'm using a Geforce 730, a 2.50 GHz CPU and just 2 GB ram which is good for modern gaming but is just a little bellow what most people on the web in general that I have seen recommend for optimal performance for this emulator. I am using PCSX2 1.4.0 which I believe is the latest addition of the emulator.

The first link i am providing will first bring you to a YouTube video I have uploaded for demonstration purposes. This video will show you the game running extremely well on the emulator. I had to lower the video quality to get it to run well while recording it because the bandicam screen recorder tends to slow things down while recording.

The second and last video is showing what I have done to achieve this with these rather lower end specs for this emulator.

Try it and see if it works out for you! Cool

Edit: for the clamping set them to none on both vu and iop because I was playing multiplayer with a friend and it was lagging so I changed that and the problem was fixed! Will change the 2nk video.

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