This is peculiar (Suikoden V)
So I've been trying to optimize my PCSX2 to play Suikoden V and been having problems with consistent framerates at 60fps. It fluctuates between 50-60 fps constantly which is very annoying. I've been tinkering with it for hours, and just conceded to it being inconsistent. Here is my setup and settings:

Intel i5 oc'ed to 3.0ghz
6GB ram
Nvidia 9800GTX+

*edit* Also using the latest beta build of pcsx2.

Plugins and settings:
gsdx10 at 2x native resolution
direct10 hardware
all other settings default except for some speedhacks:
-enable intc spin detecton
-enable wait loop detection
-mVU flag hack

Here's the peculiar part... I have dual monitor setup and like to watch movie/gaming streams while I play, and right when I put up a stream from my fps jumped to a constant and flawless 60. When I turn limiter off it even stays around 90... However right when I turn off the stream the fps dips down again to fluctuating between 50-60fps. So it's not really a big deal for me to turn on a stream while playing (actually preferred), but anyone have a clue why its doing this? Find it weird that turning on a stream which takes up a good amount of memory and a little gpu and cpu power would actually enhance the performance of my emulation.

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I have two thoughts on that.

1. GPUs have different rates they can run at. When the load is lesser, the clocks may drop to a low power state since the additional power through clocks is deemed unnecessary by the sometimes flawed logic of automation.

2. This reminds me of my recent encounter with PCSX2, where raising the resolution increased the FPS. I'll link you to the thread with my thoughts on that topic. Basically, it would seem a bit larger load is where you're most optimal performance is.
(link to thread)

Either way, I'm glad you found a way to keep the FPS full (however strange it may be). I could also suggest you try increasing your CPU OC and see if that helps. Your i5 will handle higher with ease. Wink
@binarystar don't forget to use a good cooler if u are planning to o.c your processor as suggested by rezard.......proper cooling is a must if are o.cing to insane levels

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