This needs to be said
See the last reply in this topic

Where do you guys get off pulling a stunt like that anyway? You leave a topic open then have the testicular fortitude to complain someone posted in it..>Seriously!! If you guys want to leave it open, then none of you have any right or business complaining if someone posts in it.

If you guys really have a problem with people posting in old topics, then do the smart thing and  either to lock them, and or remove them from public view, thus PREVENTING anyone from posting in it so it cannot happen.

You guys have no one to blame but yourselves and no one should have to be reading messages like that from's disgusting.

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that's your opinion, thanks for sharing it.

A few things to know, though :
- we can't make the "auto-close after 8 month" a general rule, since some threads open years ago resurected by the OP won't fall under this "rule"
- this can't apply to bug reports as well until they are fixed of course.
- keeping a civil tone would be a nice option too
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TL Gamer it's their forum, so they can do what they want with it. Don't like it then that's too bad, but they create the rules for it here.
TL Gamer, it's not our fault you can't follow the rules then ***** about it when you get called out. We both know this isn't the first time you've complained about something which is your fault, you're well known on the discord server now. Stop whining and making out every problem you have is everybody elses fault, take some damn responsibility.
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1. While I agree that threads 8 months or older should be locked ( or users told that the thread is old), it should be common courtesy ( esp. if you've been in other type of forums), to not bump a very old thread especially with rules that literally are against it.

BTW admins/mods, take a shot every-time you have to lock a thread due to necro-posting Smile

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