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durable PC since 2008
CPU : E7200 @ 2.53 GHz 1.04 V / OC 3.7 GHz 1.36 V (390*9.5, 4GB DDR2 780)
GPU : 8600GT (GDDR3, 256 MB) / OC (750 / 900)
BOARD : GA-EP31-DS3L (rev 1.0) broken and bought a second hand one replaced
PSU : 300 W
OS : Windows 7 Home Basic x86

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Maybe it's deleted or renamed.
Who made the thread?
It's under "Staff area / Closed threads archive" subforum (supposedly used to temporarily manage threads), so normal users probably also can't access it. Probably moved there by accident. Where was it originally, and why is it closed anyway?

I really dislike the tendency of some mods to close old threads just because some noob accidentally posted to them after they've been idle for some while. Better to just leave them open IMO and ask politely to not jump this thread unless it's absolutely on topic. The fact that a thread is few months old usually doesn't make it suddenly irrelevant (but if it's become irrelevant anyway, then sure, do close it).
Reopened and moved to general discussion and support (windows)
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Hmm,so it's that thread...the question now is,does phaste actually work on the current version of pcsx2.

You could say that this thread
is the successor of that thread

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