Those who beat xemnas in KH2:FM+ and have succesfully saved a clear data . Help pls
Hi , I've been playing kingdom hearts 2 final mix+ on pcsx2 and overall the gameplay was fine , no bugs good quality and everything went smooth . However , recently i just beated xemnas and finished the game , i heard that u are able to save a clear data after the ending movie during the battle report . However , after the final ending my pcsx2 just went into a black screen , it's not stuck because the frames are stil moving . No matter how many times i reload my save file and rebattled xemnas i still get a black screen during the battle report part which makes me unable to save a clear data . So for those who finished final mix without a problem and is able to view the battle report . What are the configurations of your pcsx2 0.9.6 . If it is possible i'd gladly appreciate it if you'd state all settings including cpu , speed hack , advanced etc , what plugins you used and are patches enabled or not . If that does not seem to be the problem how am i able to resolve this issue ? Im really desperate and beating the game to unlock roxas data battle . I hope you guys would help me , thanks in advance .

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Ya but i don't feel like loading someone else's save file it feels cheating and not original . But i may resort to that when there's really no choice .

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