Three games I would like to be better supported
Robotech: Battlecry-
Plays but very slow and some texture problems(some texture glich such as transparent models and some of the maps will be covered in random textures).

Robotech: Invasion-
Doesn't even boot up without crashing a second after running the emu, I guess none of the team has decided to support this game?

Delta Force: Black Hawk Down PS2 version-
Runs most of the beginning logos and cutscenes but when trying to access the memory card function at the start crashes after making the accessing noise.

They may be some of the most unpopular games but I would be happy if one of the members of if not all of the Pcsx2 team would look into this.

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Request threads are frowned upon.

The team works at their own pace, and doesn't deviate just for a single game. The idea is to not have a bunch of hacks for individual games, but to make a system that accurately emulates the console so more games become compatible.

Keep an eye on new versions and hope they fix whatever doesn't let them run.
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Right, no one of the team even knows these games (well, except plot maybe Tongue2 ).
But as echosierra said, games don't run well just because someone "decided to support them".
There's a PC version of BlackHawkDown. And it definitely looks way better than the PS2 version. So why stick to it?
Well maybe because he owns the game? Why buying it again? It's pointless to tell people to buy a pc version of a game. This is a emulation forum, not a oopsy-daisy, you have an issue? please buy it for another console/pc what ever.

There is no point in developing an emulator, because u ALWAYS can play the pc version (if there's one) or just simple buy a ps2.

So, it's pointless.

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