Thrillville Off The Rails help
I have been attempting to emulate Thrillville Off The Rails, and cannot seem to get a framerate above 25. EE is running at capacity.

I have an i7 2.8GHz processor, 16gb ram and an nvidia geforce gtx 850m.

I am using gsdx avx2 and have tried both hardware and software rendering. Bob bff interlacing because the game is jittery without this setting. I have tried native resolution and otherwise. Other gsdx settings thatĀ areĀ enabled are FXAA, FX shader, texture filtering, 8-bit textures, HW hacks (only half-pixel offset due to misaligned bloom), and anisotropic filtering at x16.

In emulation settings, under EE/IOP each setting is at default. In VUs clamping mode is set to extra. All settings in speedhacks are disabled. In particular, this game isnt compatible with MTVU.

Im at a loss because my knowledge on emulation is quite limited and I have gotten more graphics intensive games such as ffxii working smoothly at 60fps. Thank you in advance.

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Why have you disabled recommended speedhacks? Why have you set vu clamping to full? Both choices lead to reduced performance.

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