Throttling issue with PCSX2
Some of you may remember I posted a thread awhile back, about some "slowdowns" while running PCSX2. The slowdown periods would start after about 10 mins, cutting down my framerate by half, and last for progressively longer periods of time.

I also said upgrading to a 9600GT solved the problem. But I didnt have the opportunity to try pcsx2 again after getting the 9600gt, coz I got into other better games then =D

Anyways, seems the problem is back when I tried out GoW. Happens with all ps2 games I own. The exact same problem... ~__~

The thing is, I had RMClock running by chance one day while PCSX2ing. AAAAAAnnd.....

I found out my CPU clock speed displayed in rmclock went from 2.81ghz to 1.4 ghz WHENEVER THE SLOWDOWNS OCCURRED. The multipler cut down to 7.0x from 14.0x, and the CPU frequency ID (FID) cut down to half too.

Also, I found out that this throttling happened whenever my cpu crossed 72c. When the temps came down, to around 68-70c, the speeds in pcsx2 went back to normal (slowdowns were gone)

Questions I have is :-

1> Are these temps while runing pcsx2 (68-73c) normal?

Because running any other resource intensive game on my pc (Crysis, Mass effect 2 are all i have right now, had far cry 2 installed until just recently, never ever caused temps to rise beyond say 60-65c. Doing nothing, just having the pc turned on sitting idle, gets about 45-50c)

2>Any way I can disable this CPU throttling?

Thanks in advance Smile

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