Tidus' hair
I know this issue has been mentioned before but I need to ask again. Is the texture problem with Tidus' hair fixable with some kind of new plug-in or beta version of pcsx2, or by turning off some options of the plug-ins?

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Nope, and we have no clue what it is either.
I think refraction tracked it to one of the VU recompilers causing it, try disabling vu0rec or vu1rec. That will give you a speed hit though so I wouldn't say it's worth it.
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It's VU1rec in the cpu options, FFX-2 suffers of an even worse version of the problem on yuna's dress and it's worse because you see that one all the time and it flickers a lot. Oh the game will play at around ~5 fps so definitelly not worth it (maybe for screenshots tho...) :P
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Oh yeah, sure it's the vurecs. The problem is, it's in BOTH of them Tongue2

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