Tiger Woods 2002 problems
Hi, I'm new here so I apologize if I should be posting this somewhere else. Long story short, when I downloaded and started using PCSX2 1.2.1, Tiger Woods 2002was one of the first isos I downloaded. I loved the Copperhead Canyon course and as this was the only game that had it, I was hoping it would work. The game's graphics seem to reproduce accurately accept for the golfers. The golfers bodies are all distorted and twisted. Sometime body parts can be missing altogether. I was just wondering if this may be a setting issue and if anyone out there has been able to get this game to work. I know it is not listed on the compatibility chart, but I was hoping someone may have had some luck.

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Thread reopened after the user proved he owns the game.
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Try setting the VU clamping mode to extra instead of normal.
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Thanks for the response. I did set the VU Clamping to "extra' and there was no change. Backgrounds still look good, but golfers are all twisted and distorted.
Can you try using the latest git buildĀ and see if the problem still exists? Just extract the files into your existing PS2 folder.

I did as you suggested CK1 and ran the game. Same situation with the golfers being distorted.

I wish I knew more about these types of games, because it seems like all other graphics are fine, it's just the characters that are messed up.

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