Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2002 Borked Graphics
Good day. So I've been playing a few PS2 games without any problems, but then I tried to play Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2002. I was fiddling with my joypad while the game was on, but I didn't think that would cause any problems... until I saw the borked graphic below. 

Since then I've been trying everything in my power to fix it; switch it to software (that only makes it so the borked graphics are more solid), clean my PC, un and reinstall my PCSX2, but everything has failed and I still get these horrific models. Everything else in the game works fine (except for unlocking a character I shouldn't have unlocked at this point in the game and I also don't know why that is), but these graphics are still driving me nuts, because I can't see my swing as a result of them.

To add, here is my log. I don't see any problems with it, but if someone does, I'd really appreciate it. I attached a regular and detailed log just in case my problem is somehow buried deep.

I'd really appreciate if someone could help me out, because I've tried absolutely everything and my game's still glitched beyond belief.

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