Time Crisis 2 - 21:9 Multiplayer Works! - Lightguns?
Time Crisis 2 - Multiplayer - 21:9 - Works!

The latest update fixed Time Crisis multiplayer and it looks amazing on a 21:9 monitor! No stretching, no bugs, just two side by side 4:3ish screens!

[Image: fjg0QZ0.jpg]

[Image: fTkqhXb.jpg]


I have it working with two controllers. Its a lot of fun with controllers. But I would like to find a way to use light guns.

I spent a few hours googling and messing with Nuvee, messing with touch mote. I don't think its possible to have 2 Wiimotes functioning as a 2 Lightguns in PCSX2. Does any one know a way?

Other LightGuns
Does anyone know of a pair of lightguns that I can buy that would work with PCSX2?

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