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Time for another ban hammer?
It's been a little more than a year since I brought up the issue relating to the large amount of bots on the forums. Perhaps it's time for another round of Bosit's ban hammer? Tongue

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Large amounts of bots? I've barely seen any in the last few months Tongue2
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I have over a year of time on here, and I've seen a handful of bots in the last few months. There's no reason to even bring it up.
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I'm guessing he means the 0 post accounts that contain spam links in their account profiles.
It's not even worth the effort to do that.
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I think the last bots flood was the Asian (Chinese?) spam attack about a year or less ago, which seems we've managed to stop by enhancing the spam filter. I don't recall excessive number of bots/spam since.
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Yeah no, he must mean 0 post accounts because the amount of bots is well within an acceptable range. Nothing like the Chinese bot invasion of 2015/2016.
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