Time to optomize
Alright I got your emu only yesterday, and works fine. For one exception. When playing it has a tendency of becoming a cpu vamp. It spikes easily form an easy and smooth 60-68% to 89 tops, slowing things down. The frame rate usually sits at about 98 to 100% 60.00 fps give or take 2.00
So I figured I would ask for help to optimizing my settings so I can get the best out of it. I already experimented with the settings for a while, how ever theirs a lot. So I figured I would ask some one who new better. Or if my comp isn't as compatible as I thought.
My system is as follows
2.66 Dual i7
1 gig hd Raedon Ati
Win7 64
6 gig mem
no overclock
The emu is of course your latest
My current settings for the emu are as fallows
Graphics- GSDx10-windowed, no interlacing, aspect 16:9, Native on,Texture filtering. Under GSdx 890 (MSVC 15.oo, SSSE3) o.1.14
Sound-Module 1-XAudio 2, Mix settings at 0, Latency at 204, Audio expansion disabled.(Don't need it.) Under SPU2-X 1.1.0
Every thing else is under the mandatory settings. So theirs nothing to change.

I'm hoping there is something here I missed that can be altered to speed up the emu if possible.

If any one could offer any advise it would be much appreciated.

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50fps is max or PAL games and 60Fps is max for NTSC games, any higher than that your game will play out like its being fastforwarded. The pcsx2 emulator is a real cpu vamp. It can even be compared to a CPU torture test program.

The emulator isnt perfect yet so depending on the game your trying to play, you will have different settings. One setting might work fine with one game but will cause problems in some other games. Or some games wont be playable at all.

Your machine is ok for PCSX2, though you could OC your CPU to the higher 3.0ghz areas since the emulator only uses 2 cores even your running a quad. If my reading on the threads here are correct, a 3.0ghz or higher dual core is better than a 2.6ghz or less quad.
alright so far so good. How ever theirs no central settings I could use as a basis that would help demote a lot of tweaking per game. That's what I was hoping for. I just used the simpler question to hopefully get a little more info. But that's my goal. Something that runs well regardless so that tweaking is minimized.
What I usually do is this:

1) Run games with no speedhacks on, frame limiting is always on (so it wont exceed 50or60fps), Gsdx Hardware mode, D3D resolution 1024x1024, Check Texture Filtering, Check Logarithmic Z, Uncheck allow 8-bit textures, check alpha correction. Native unchecked

SPU2-X as audio or Pick some of the other versions if the sounds sound screwy and start from there

2) If its a little slow I put on some Speedhacks (some games would have sound syncing problems and graphical bugs when used) tweak to your own taste.

3) If its still slow I increase the VU cyle hack

4) If its still slow, I check the native resolution in the GSDx settings. It changes the resolution of the game back to how it would look like if its played on a PS2.

5) If you have to many graphical bugs try changing GSDX to software mode but it will cost you a lot of FPS loss
excellent just what I was looking for thanks. Now its just getting my games back from my friendHappy

But I suppose that's another problem altogether.

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