TimeSplitters FP: Not Sure What I'm Doing Wrong
I've been following as many tutorials as I can find regarding PCSX2CE and OmniConvert, but I just cannot figure out what's wrong.
Basically I'm trying to put Action Replay codes into TimeSplitters Future Perfect, purely to unlock all the characters.

I followed this tutorial, and though I'm sure it's my fault, the result just doesn't work.

I'm willing to learn what I have to and go through each step; I've attached the Pnach I've been able to produce so far.
The game either crashes if I use the PAL / EU version with these, or the codes don't work at all with the NTSC / NA version.

I use the Europe bios for the PAL version, and the USA version for the NTSC.
The CRC is E0F96C7D, which I got from looking at the Console as the game loaded.

Here are the codes I've been trying, though I'm not sure which version they're for: http://uk.codejunkies.com/search/codes/T...13___.aspx

I have Cheats Enabled in PCSX2, and I've also tried swapping "patch=1" to "patch=0" in the Pnach, but it's not helped.

If possible, I'd rather use the EU / PAL version, but I'll settle for the USA / NTSC version if I have to. It's just that the graphics tend to work better on my EU version.

Any advice on unlocking all the characters is appreciated~

.pnach   E0F96C7D.pnach (Size: 435 bytes / Downloads: 522)

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Codes normally only work for one region. So these will either work for pal or ntsc or not at all because they are broken.
I would start with a simple cheat like infinite ammo or health and if they work continue to more advanced cheats as unlockers.

Do you get TLB miss when you enable cheats? (Maybe you can just post the full emulog?)

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