Timesplitters Future Perfect save/cheat help
I've been searching for a long time for a way to play one of my favorite games of all time on my pc due to my faulty xbox wires and lack of controller. I came across the PSX2 emulator and found the iso for TS:FP. I was overjoyed that it worked. What I would love is to have all the unlockables/characters/maps/story missions unlocked. It took me a very long time to unlock everything and I would really rather avoid doing all of it over again as some of it was frustratingly difficult.

I tried to figure out how to use the pnach cheat things, but I can't figure it out. I tried converting a cbs file to .ps2, but I can't figure out how to use mymc. I would greatly appreciate it if someone who knows how to use either of those to post a cheat file I can easily throw in the folder or a save file I can use that has everything unlocked.

Please help me out with this. I would love to be able to play this game to the fullest again.

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To import ps2-saves into a memcard is very easy.
To use given cheats in pcsx2 (using pnach system) is quite easy.
To find cheats for a game to use them in pcsx2 is moderately easy.
To find somebody who will do it for you or somebody who did it already and still has the save is hardly possible.

Would it be ok for you if we help you to do it on your own instead of getting the final solution?
As I said before, I could not figure out how to do the cheats or use mymc to convert the cbs. It's not easy for me. I found the cheats to input, but cannot figure out how to make the pnach file. I was just hoping someone who knows how to do it could help me out.
Ok using the pnach solution:

Do you have cheats for your game (consider that there are region codes for each game and each game/region-combination has its own cheats)? Where do you got them from?
Now you use Omniconvert and convert these cheats from xploder v4 to RAW.
Report back when you did so.

Here are the codes from that page converted at least.

// Inf. HP

// Armor

// No Reloading

// Inf. Grenades

// All Levels and Characters
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Not entirely sure.
After you thanked Ryudo for the given help:
Create a new text file.
Copy Paste the given cheats into the file.
Rename the file from "new document.txt" to "<your crc>.pnach".
<your crc> should be replaced by the corresponding game crc. This crc you can obtain from the console output after you loaded the game. Somewhere you will see some entry like "CRC:<your crc>".

After you created the pnach accordingly please test it or upload it here that we can check that it works.
Sorry, it was around 3 or 4 in the AM when I was asking so I was not thinking too clearly. Thank you Ryudo for the codes. I only wanted the all maps/characters/weapons cheat so I only copied that one. Should it still work? I saved the .txt as a .pnach. Where do I put it? I see 2 cheat folders. 1 in my /C: drive and 1 in my documents.

As for the crc, I think I found it. I launched the game and looked at the little program window. The only thing that looked like crc was "Game CRC: 0xFB2F4502". Is "0xFB2F4502" the right crc? I don't really know how to post the thing on here sadly. I don't see an "attach file" anywhere.

Update: I put the .pnach file into both cheat folders, but I still did not have any change. I think I did something wrong.

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