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Tips For Slight FPS Boost on Armored Core: Nine Breaker
Just to clarify, I'm well aware that my current computer is never going to get me far in smooth performance, though I'm just curious about a few tips to improve my FPS a bit more. My computer runs with AMD E-450 APU with Radeon HD 6320 graphics at 1.65 ghz. Again, I'm not looking for huge FPS boosts since I'm aware that such a thing is not possible with what I got. So far I'm running using my graphics for the adapter (it's given me slightly better FPS than running the default adapter), running Direct3D11 with Blend bff for interlacing. I'm running native PS2 graphics. I've got WildArmsOffset enabled and running SkipDraw at 3, and got Texture Filtering and whatnot enabled.

As for audio, I turned it off for two reasons. One: Better performance, and two: At 20 FPS, it just sounds like the whole game is being played in slow motion. Tongue On standard emulation settings, I got constant skipping on with 4 frames being skipped and 2 frames being drawn (helps slightly without causing huge skips). I've got framelimiting enabled and EE Cyclerate and Frame Stealing set to 2 with mVU Flag Hack, Enable Wait Loop Detection and Enable INTC Spin Detection on.

So yeah, that's all I've done so far. If there's anything else that I can do, please let me know if you can. Thank you!

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There really isn't anything you can do other than getting a new pc.
[Image: gmYzFII.png]
[Image: dvedn3-5.png]
I do happen to have a tower computer as something of a backup. It's older than my all-in-one, but probably much better performance wise. If I get the opportunity to test it out, I will. It was able to run Armored Cores 1 through Master of Arena on a PS1 emulator without any frame hits, so, fingers crossed, it might work somewhat well with Armored Core: Ninebreaker on a PS2 emulator. If not smoothly, at least have a higher FPS rate than on this computer.
If you list the specs for that pc I try to tell you what to expect on it.
[Image: gmYzFII.png]
[Image: dvedn3-5.png]
I can't remember the exact specs like GHz performance and whatnot since I haven't turned it on in so long and doing so would require me to grab the monitor for it and such, but I do know it has a Foxconn 603G01 with an Intel dual core processor. Last I remember, I think it ran a 3 something GHz and has around 4GB of RAM.
Armored Core 3 and newer has times where even my 7850 can't keep up in native resolution. That's how brutal some missions are, especially in high heat areas. CPU demand is hit and miss, worst in Last Raven.

Just replace the whole system with one that meets or exceeds my specs in my sig.
OS: Linux Mint 17.2 64 bit (occasional Antergos/Arch user)
(I am no longer a Windows user)
CPU: Intel Pentium G3258
GPU: Nvidia GTX 650 Ti

One of the good things about Nine Breaker is it's not mission oriented. The closest you get to missions is the training sessions. Other than that, Nine Breaker is all arena. But yeah, I think it's because of the much stronger game engine in the Armored Core 3 saga compared to 2 that causes it to be much more demanding. One thing I might do is test out AC2 and see how well it fares.
Okay, so I did manage to find a few extra things to do that gave me a little fps boost. I toggled on MTVU, which gave me a 3 FPS boost and then changed the recompiler options to Positive and Extra + Reserve Sign, which both gave me a FPS boost of 7. Not too bad considering the hardware I'm running with, but I think it's about all I can do at this point until I can find my old monitor to test this all out on my desktop computer.

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