Tips on configuring PCSX2 for speed
Been trying to configure this thing to run games at decent speeds for ages, and 99% it doesn't work. 1% of the time - it backfires.

My specs:
OS is Linux Mint Debian Edition 32bit (which basically makes it a very modded debian methinks)
RAM is All the RAM a 32bit OS can handle
Processor is Intel i3
GPU is Nvidia 310M
Nvidia driver version 295.49

PCSX2 version is 1.0.0 (non-SVN)
Graphics plugin is ZZ Ogl 0.4.0 with filtering, interlacing and anti-aliasing turned off.
(I tried GSdx, it either crashes with segfault(Atelier Iris 2) or displays incorrect textures (Fate/Unlimited Codes))
Sound plugin is SPU2-X 2.0.0 with interpolation set to linear.

I tried setting the emulator to "overdose on speedhacks" with no luck. I've ended up leaving it with EE-Cyclerate 3 and VU cycle stealing 1, and all hacks with checkboxes enabled, except "enable fast CDVD".

I tried messing with ZZ Ogl's "advanced" and found some checkboxes there that look like they increase speed - and some did! - at the expense of game playability (graphics become missing or partially blacked out).
I am unable to set up frame-skipping, as merely enabling it makes PCSX2 produce a black screen no matter what I load (sound works fine though and I can hear feedback if I press buttons).

Any ideas on what I've been doing wrong? Tips on how I could do better?

I tried compiling PCSX2 myself, with codeblocks set to "optimize for speed", hoping that would help. Unfortunately I am unable to compile some plugins, and the resulting PCSX2 fails to launch a GUI.

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To build pcsx2 uses the script (--release) based on cmake. Codeblock is unfortunately on bad state. Latest trunk might fix the GSdx issue.
And indeed, building the latest SVN with the sh command works and produces a functioning GSdx plugin which only works in OpenGL (software) mode, while in hardware mode giving me garbage textures.
In both modes I get around 10 FPS less than I get with ZZ Ogl, so that's out the window...
I didn't say that it would be faster. I don't think there is any magic checkbox to increase speed, maybe you can check the threading timing information to know which thread is limited by your CPU (take higher percentage).
There are 3 solutions
1/ increase your CPU clock
2/ improve the code of the GS plugins (take quite lots of free time and it isn't easy)
3/ install windows (I don't like this solutions Tongue2 but let's be honest)
Just checked - none of my CPUs goes much above 50% when the FPS rate drops...

Any way to increase CPU clock other than buying a new one? XD
When you power on your computer it should show the BIOS screen for your motherboard for a few seconds. You have to enter the BIOS setup screen and change your CPU frequency there (AKA overclocking). Not all motherboards allow overclocking. My old Intel motherboard didn't, so I changed it out with a Biostar.
Quote:none of my CPUs goes much above 50% when the FPS rate drops...
In this case, you probably can't do anything. There is a synchronisation between GS and EE threads.

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