[To Admin or owner of PCSX2] can I have permission to use PCSX2
Hey Admin,
May I please have permission to use PCSX2 and keep it in my youtube Video?
Heres a link to it: *removed*
The reason why I'm asking is because I have been asked to become a partner with Youtube because of the vid I made, How to play PS2 games on your computer, and I really want to become a partner but I am under aged to send in a application for partnership.
Anyway back to the main question, may I please have permission to use your program, PCSX2, in my video, How to play PS2 games on your computer,?

Thnx, I await your response
P.S. Do you know if there is a way I can get in touch with Square Enix or the owners of Final Fantasy X, because I used that game as a deminstration.
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"For Square Enix, Inc. Console games technical support, call 310-846-0345 or e-mail: [email protected]" http://www.square-enix.com/na/support/live/
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interesting video.
i just love your bios file's name.
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..this is sad. You have like 5 bios files in that archive of PCSX2 which you probably downloaded off a torrent. That is ILLEGAL and your video will be taken down due to copyright violation as soon as someone reports it.
Sorry, we don't support pirates here, thread closed and link removed
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