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To PCSX2 devs: please make these two games playable.
jesalvein broke my balls, farewell

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Cobra: Turn on VU cycle steal for SotC. If you don't have that option, it's because you're using the much older and slower version 0.9.6. Use the latest released beta (Rev 1888 which you can get from the download section)

Also, you really shouldn't ask for the devs to focus on one game or another... They have their own plans for the emulator and their own priorities. Since they are doing this for free and using their own free time, you should simply be happy that those games work at all and wait patiently until the devs get around to it, if ever.
jesalvein broke my balls, farewell
Humble begging will not help either.

We optimize what we can, without sacrificing compatibility/stability, and when we have time to do so. We know these games are slow, but they are slow for good reason -- they are technically the most complex games on the PS2 (seriously, I don't think any other game squeezes more polys, animations, and detail textures through the PS2's internals than those).
Jake Stine (Air) - Programmer - PCSX2 Dev Team
anyway CobraSA i remember playing SotC at around 40-50 fps some months ago on an older pcsx2 version(not the latest beta) with my current specs , of course with some speedhacks enabled(vu cycle stealing set to moderate) so it shouldn't really be a problem for you Smile (i guess Tongue)
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jesalvein broke my balls, farewell
isn't more people helping with the development?
the emulator is open source and every day I see new beta builds....
there's a few, but like Air said, they work on it in the FREE time, they're not going to work on a game for you specifically. oh and for the record, BOTH of the games you mentioned work fine

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