To the ones who still play FXII
Hi guys.
I've been looking up to thread's on FXII about optimal visual settings mostly and it seems that there's a common thing each thread has and that is almost all of them hasn't been solved yet.

some/all cutscenes/cinematics cannot be played, if it plays FPS drops significantly, some fights also tend to have low FPS(maybe too much effects in the scene), entering a specific location in the game makes the screen to stay black, walls of some places(towns) are see through or the floor turns black when it shouldn't, i read something about the game to stutter, and lastly with every tweak for the game sometimes a bug comes up...

the only solved problem i read was because it was a bad rip and he made another iso using a different program...

Is there anything you guys can say about this, i know the topic is a bit vague but please even a little help will do...
I also want to encourage my fellow FFXII players even those who finished the game to say any idea that might help in answering the problems mentioned above.

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never had any of those mentioned problems.
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Yeah, can we have some specifics? Are you having ALL those problems or what? I played it to completion on pcsx2 with only minor bugs.
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you should search more, most of these issues were already discussed at length and most people have no problems

The only issue I had was one major slowdown during a quickening, and hat was on OLD hardware. (about 12 years old now)
yes yes, as I already stated before the topic is a little vague, I apologize for that...
I just wanted to sum up most of the problems of the game of some players...
As to my specific problems, I got that HUGE FPS DROP from Basch's LV3 quickening, the invisible/ see through wall in the the Rabanastre, and lastly the ground becoming black in few places...

all of these problems were the same as the ones that I've read but I guess I made a huge mistake as to not taking into consider the date when the threads were made(wrong move)...
What are your system specs? The slowdown in that quickening is pretty well known and you just need a really fast computer or look here at what I wrote about FFXII.

I never had the other problems, so I can't speak to them.
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Gaming Rig: Intel i7 6700k @ 4.8Ghz | GTX 1070 TI | 32GB RAM | 960GB(480GB+480GB RAID0) SSD | 2x 1TB HDD
you get the same drop from Ifrit and demi in FFX too I bet
hmm, i think I'm gonna have to try the GPU-Z first...
I'll disregard that FPS drop problem let it be for the time being...
I'll be back later, there's going to be a power maintenance in our place so, yeah goodbye for now...

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