To use beta ver or not. What's the difference?
Hi, I'm a new user here, and after reading some stuff about this emulator, i notice that users are talking about VU hacks and VU cycle stealing to improve performance, which I realize is only available in beta version of the emulator

So, being a new user to this emulator thing, I'd like to ask something about the beta version

When we talk about possible instability issue with beta version, is it only limited to the new features? (which means, if I turn them off, it will work just like the normal version)

Or do beta version brings new issue with existing features as well?

I was just wondering if I can use the beta, or will it be more complicated to use

Thank youSmile

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No,it could have general instability issues not only with new features.
But betas we release are usually tested some before,so chances are that it is enough stable to use it. You can always fall back to 0.9.6 release if you have issues with it
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I would recommend you trying some of the betas since some of them can solve this and that graphic bug and improve speed by a bit. If they cause you more "problems" than you had before just stick to the official 0.9.6.

Download beta here---->
You can also try the latest rev graphic plugin --->
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Beta all the way. Many times people come complaining about glitches, errors and such almost all are usually fixed by getting the beta instead.
Thanks for all the replies

I'll now use the latest beta version and stick to it

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