Toca Race Driver 1 (ps2) graphic problems (?)
I've pcsx2 1.10 and when I play TRD 1 (original ps2 disc), I've some graphic problems:
1) from external car view, all the world is blurred, how to remove this effect?
[Image: t0orrs.jpg]

2) there isn't blurred world in the cockpit view...
[Image: 2l2brt.jpg]

3) These vertical lines are always present in the game, except in video-scenes
[Image: 3131xfb.jpg]

4) these are my settings, tell me if you want more/other screen from other settings-windows. Last thing, the game slows a lot when I race vs other IA/AI cars but runs perfectly in time-trial, with only my cars...
[Image: 1zqamhy.jpg]

thanks all for support!

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Start by updating pcsx2.
1.10 is old and unsupported
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Does the blur exist in software rendering?
Do the lines go away in native resolution?
that is the game with native ps2 settings: bad graphic but vertical lines disappeared and blurred world is still present and there isn't an option to remove it also because there isn't that blurred effect in cockpit view
[Image: 33e04le.jpg]

...for sure I'm going to update my pcsx2 program and try if it changea something... I will let you know
Vertical lines are due to upscaling. You can check different custom internel resolutions as 1000x1000 or 1200x1200. Normally these lines appear beginning above a certain threshold.

This blur effect can happen due to a bad deinterlacing mode. Maybe you can check all modes by pressing F5 several times.
Or it can be some softcoded postprocessing effect 'to make the game look fantastic'. You might be able to remove this effect by using gsdx plugin settings -> HW hacks -> skipdraw 1-10 (try slowly increasing).
Was the screenshot posted earlier using software mode or native resolution in hardware mode ?
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ok, one thing at a time :
1)I upgraded to the latest version of pcsx2
2)the game now runs without vertical lines or other glitches and does not slow down if there are other cars
3)the only problems now is how to remove the blurred effect
[Image: dy4uh1.jpg]
[Image: fcky9j.jpg]
have you tried skipdraw under gsdx hardware hacks and deinterlacing modes?
this is my "hacks" configuration, I don't find the "deinterlacing" option Unsure
[Image: hu127m.jpg]

pressing F5 the blurred effect does not change much
F5 is the deinterlacing mode. It is found in the main gsdx UI under interlacing. (I am still quite sure that it is about deinterlacing not interlacing but whateva)

So neither software mode, skipdraw, deinterlacing nor alpha hack solved your problem?

What about DirectX9 vs DirectX11 vs OGL?
Can you give zeroGS a try?

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