Toggle Cheats [HotKey] ? Memory Address?
Hi! I'm in the process of making a trainer for a game that I enjoy playing quite often. Some of the cheats I have will not work with my Trainer Toggle buttons without first pressing "Enable Cheats" and then Pressing "Disable Cheats" within the pcsx2 menu. I was curious if there was maybe a hotkey to toggle cheats on and off , so that I don't have to keep Alt Tabbing to the pcsx2 menu.

The code in question is "Render Fix" for SOCOM II. 

So yea , is there a hotkey to toggle cheats in pcsx2 ? and if not , does somebody happen to know the memory address that calls the function? Is it a simple boolean? I would think so , but I've done a few quick scans with Cheat Engine to see if i could find the function / address . Unfortunately I don't have much free time until Monday to really go through this anymore. Hopefully by then this thread might give me some ideas. 

Video of my Trainer , there is also a v2. The code is open source , however i do not have a public release due to not having a check in place for "Is player ONLINE" As we do not want the community using this online. Its mainly for Single Player and LAN as you can't play single player without render fix. 


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