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Tokyo Xtreme Racer Zero
I have searched around and i could have missed it, but i just tried playing it, and the game works perfectly, doesnt freeze or anything. it works 100% fine.. i looked on the compatibility list and it shows orange. i have no issues with it on the latest svn

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Only the US version has been tested. If you aren't using the US version, it could be a US specific bug that's causing it to be listed as orange. That said, feel free to post here reading the first post for the details you'll need.

If you are indeed using the US version of the game post here and post the information you have. It's likely if you are using an SVN release that the game has since been fixed. If you're still using official 1.0.0 then there may be some other thing at play.
it is indeed the us version, so i posted info on it in the section you suggested, thank you

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