Tokyo xtreme Racer 3 (NTSC) Ghosting light reflections (fixed)
My title isn't the best way to describe my issue but its the only way I can think of, I have dialled this (mostly) out before while keeping a higher resolution but I cant recall how I did it, anyone have suggestions? (included a pic to better show the issue.
Little more info, they vanish when I change rendering settings but quickly return they will eventually stretch over the wide of the road the longer I play but they seem to be in those set intervals with equal spacing between them.

[Image: 2SP9En4.jpg]

Edit - It seems to have something to do with resolution scaling? At least that's what is the root cause, but I know I had this dialled out while upping the render resolution very recently too. It seems you either get the black lines, or the ghosting, but yeah I have had the best of both worlds and up-resed without lines or ghosting, at least for the most part it would appear in tunnels but it wasn't a big deal.

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So I got some Nice settings for this game actually the only errors ive seen are you get some Minor lines i nthe UI/HUD and the head lights being cast on the road no longer seem to display.

Dont enable MSAA with this or it will flip out/you will get lines.

"DirectX11 Hardware, 8x Native, Wild Arms ON, Align Sprite ON, Alpha Stencil ON, removes most of the lines and makes the game look significantly better, but messes up some small parts of the menu UI."

Credit goes to TXRGuy on the pcsx2 wiki for the fix.

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