Tokyo xtreme racer drift 2 cinimatic issue.
So I was very happy to see TXRD2 runs well with the latest version of the emulator, I did have a small issue though and was hoping there was a solution. Everything plays fine but the cinematic you occasionally get in game when racing certain rivals is a mess, they are cinematic using the in game engine (I assume), the best way I can describe it is there was bars all over the screen in a tiled pattern, if that helps anyone figure out what the issue might be.

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these are just graphical glitches. switch to software mode by pressing F9 whenever u get any glitches. this will fix everything but fps may drop. just finish the glitchy part and press F9 again to go back into hardware mode
Okay I will give it a try next time I get a cinematic in the game, thanks.
u are welcome :-)

btw software mode is more accurate than hardware mode but it is slower. u may experience drop in fps
Here is a guide for low fps problem *removed*
Try that one again I0nut and ill ban your ass for spamming.

Edit: Infact you did, 6 times. You get no chance.
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