Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell - Chaos Theory [SLUS 21137] (U)
Intel Core i7 920 @ 3.4 Ghz | 6 GB DDR3 RAM in Triple Channel | GeForce GTX 285
2.5 TB Hard Drive Space | Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Official betatester of PCSX2

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PC Specs:

CPU: Intel Core i7 @ 3.4Ghz
GPU: Nvidia GTX 285 768MB

Build Description: PCSX2 17 01 2013 1.1.0 r5517- Windows
GSdx 5464 SSE41 [09 12 2012]
LilyPad 0.11.0 [28 12 2012]
cdvdGigaherz 0.8.0 [28 12 2012]
USBnull Driver 0.7.0 [28 12 2012]
SPU2-X 2.0.0 [17 01 2013]
DEV9null Driver 0.5.0 [28 12 2012]
FWnull Driver 0.7.0 [28 12 2012]
USA v02.00(14/06/2004) Console
DC and MTGS | VU1Rec and VU0Rec | rCache 0 | Console 1 | Patches 0

EE/VU Clamp modes: Normal/Normal
EE/VU Rounding: Chop/Chop

Speedhacks Used:


Gamefixes Used:


Amount of testing done (little/medium/much/completed-game): medium


Status goes from ingame to playable. Runs near full speed.



Intel Core i7 920 @ 3.4 Ghz | 6 GB DDR3 RAM in Triple Channel | GeForce GTX 285
2.5 TB Hard Drive Space | Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Official betatester of PCSX2
1)Game title: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell - Chaos Theory [SLUS 21137] (U)
2)ELF name:
3)Game CRC:
PC Specs:
CPU: Intel Core i7 @ 3.4GHz/i5 @ 2.8GHz (8MB)
GPU: Nvidia GTX750ti 2GB/GT630 2GB
RAM: 8-16GB/3-10GB
Build Description: PCSX2 1.4.0 [8-1-2016 Win (8.1/7, 64x)]
GSdx MSVC 19.00 SSE41 [05 01 2016]
LilyPad 5709 0.11.0 [31 12 2015]
SPU2-X 5709 2.0.0 [31 12 2015]
cdvdGigaherz 5709 0.9.0 [31 12 2015]
USBnull Driver 5709 0.7.0 [31 12 2015]
FWnull Driver 5709 0.7.0 [31 12 2015]
DEV9null Driver 5709 0.5.0 [31 12 2015]
Backup before save | Automatic Gamefixes | enable Widescreen Patches
VU0Rec and VU1Rec
EE/VU Clamp modes: Normal
EE/VU Rounding: Chop/zero
GS Windows | Ratio 16:9
Speedhacks Used:
EE Cyclerate 2 | VU Cycle Stealing 3
INTC, Wait Loop Detection, mVU Flag
Gamefixes Used:
Nvidia GTX750ti 2GB | Direct3D11 (Hardware) | Interlacing=Auto
2xNative | Texture Filtering= Bilinear (Forced) | Anisotropic off| CRC Hack = Full
Vol 100% | Latency 151ms (avg) | Async Mix
Amount of testing done (little/medium/much/completed-game): Much
Gameplay Screen is a bit darker.  Increasing the brightness from “shader config” makes the graphic look better when playing in Hardware mode.
Justification info. for clarification.
Game run great.
> Shut-down unnecessary start-up appz/task manager [Help CPU speed performance from interruption].
> PCSX2Bonus V2.0.0.2 is recommend for saving the config per game.
# Broken Thermal Vision @ Hardware Mode.                     Fixed by; Software Mode (F9) + Rendering Threads= 4
# Freezing Cutscenes.                                                     Fixed by; Toggling (F9) each time watching the cutscenes                                                                                        @ Hardware mode
                                                                                     OR          Software Mode (F9)

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Could you test the openGL renderer please?
Try to play with accurate blending, it might help to improve the brigthness. And check the correctness of the rendering in the top-left corner (openGL is able to render some additional effect but it failled to do it fullscreen).
Ive seen this come up before, this is one of those "only the top left corner is correct" games.
[Image: ref-sig-anim.gif]

Ok. I really need to fix it one day.
(02-13-2016, 10:56 PM)gregory Wrote: Ok. I really need to fix it one day.

one day Tongue There seems to be a few games that use that method Tongue

(I know i should probably talk about this in a separate thread to keep this clean but..)

can we not cheat and take that top corner that renders right and stretch the effect across the screen? lol I guess it still tries to do it 100 times or whatever.
[Image: ref-sig-anim.gif]

Does the top-left corner bug affect all the OpenGL options? I've encountered a top-left only effect with the Hardware Depth fix for FlatOut(series).
it happens in many games, I believe due to memory limitations. It happens in splinter cell, flatout and metal gear solid 3 that I know of, possibly Killzone as well. It's not a bug per-sé but a limitation of the texture cache. Gregory wants to implement it a "PC way" rather than a "PS2 way" which will be much much quicker.
[Image: ref-sig-anim.gif]

But you don't know for sure that game will apply the effect on the full screen.

But there are a couple of thing we can do.
First we could emulate the texture shuffle directly instead to use texture conversion. A bit like the others texture shuffle effect.
And then we could also add a rendered surface to the buffer. This way we have the start address AND the end address so we cann see the new rt as an offset of an old rt. The bonus is that a texture (fmv) upload in the middle of the rt could also be detected.

Hum I don't remember how I wanted to tackle the issue exactly. But honestly it isn't too difficult to fix normally (just got lazy and busy with others things) at least for some games. Kungfu panda uses a similar trick but with a block offset to emulate the shuffle so it doesn't work (ie left corner) with current code.

In my opinion, we ought to avoid the texture conversion. It is slow. Gs format hurts your head badly. And texture cache explodes Tongue2

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