Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 LAN Using GigaDev9 - Locks up

I'm sure you all hate this kind of post but I've tried pretty much everything I can think of and still can't fix it.

My brother and I love THPS3 and would like to play it over LAN using PCSX2 (we're both using the latest stable release, v1.0.0). These are the steps I followed:

1. Download and install Giga's Dev9 plugin.
2. Check WinPcap is installed (which it was from using TubeMaster++).
3. In Dev9, turn on Ethernet and select the "bridge" version of the network adapter.
4. Close PCSX2, go to Control Panel and set my wired network adapter (I disable my wireless one) to use a static IP with the following values (I'm not online so my IP can't be hacked from putting it here):
IP: (my brother uses
Subnet Mask: (we both use the same)
Default Gateway: (my brother uses
DNS and Alt DNS are both left blank.
5. Boot up the .iso of THPS3 (which, by the way, I own, and it was ripped direct from my disc, so it's legal) in PCSX2 on both computers.
6. At the main menu, go into Options, then Network Options, then set the hardware to "Network Adapter (Ethernet) for PS2" (and do this on both computers).
7. On each computer, select Connection Options, then set the IP/Subnet/Gateway settings as they are per computer (we leave the Advanced Options DNS and Alt DNS on auto).
8. Set my name to Clonkex and my brother's name to Megaman.
9. Save the network settings.
10. Go back to the main menu and select Network Play or whatever it's called.
11. THPS3 says "Testing network settings..." for a few seconds, then the Internet/LAN menu appears.
12. Select LAN and the game just about locks up, progressing one frame every 20 seconds or so, and never doing anything (I left mine for ages to test). If you look in the log, Dev9 is constantly logging a million "something-something-WRITE: 800000" messages.

If, at step 6, we both select "Network Adapter (PPPoE) for PS2", we can both host a game and it appears to work except that we're both unable to see the other's game in the server list. I'm fairly certain (Ethernet) is the one we need, since (PPPoE) requires a Username and Password in its Connection Options.

Also at step 6, if I select anything other than the two "Network Adapter (...) for PS2" options the game says there's no detectable hardware attached during step 11.

We were able to connect using those same IP/Subnet/Gateway settings in Gran Turismo 4 and we could see each other driving (albeit at incredibly low fps - it ran at an average of 5fps the whole time), so those IP/Subnet/Gateway settings work with Giga's Dev9 plugin, but no matter what we do THPS3 always locks up when we select LAN in the Network Play menu (except when we use (PPPoE) but we can't connect to each other's game so that appears to be useless).

We're both running identical near-new Windows 7 laptops with AMD A8 processors and some good ATI Radeon graphics cards that I can't remember the name of. The network is a wired LAN running through a very simple hub (at least I think it's a hub; all it does is allow multiple computers to connect) that works perfectly every time for non-PCSX2 games.

I can't wait for a fully supported and currently developed Dev9 plugin to be part of the standard package. They (the PCSX2 team) should make it one of their top priorities. Even if almost all of the online PS2 servers are down, LAN games are still very fun, if only they'd work more reliably Wink

Btw with the correct settings (ie. most speedhacks on), THPS3 can run at genuinely full speed even with a fullscreen GSDX resolution and it's great fun Laugh


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Quote:I can't wait for a fully supported and currently developed Dev9 plugin to be part of the standard package. They (the PCSX2 team) should make it one of their top priorities.
If you say so... you know this is an opens source project, right ?
so when do you think you will have finished developing an new DEV9 plugin version ?
can we have a release date ?
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... *confused*

What? Oh... no, I'm very sad to say I'm not actually developing a Dev9 plugin...I knew that was a bad choice of words. What I meant was that Giga's Dev9 isn't currently being developed and I can't wait for someone to make a Dev9 plugin that's under constant development. Sorry for getting your hopes up.

However I am very interested in emulator development and I'm a programmer (albeit with somewhat limited C++ knowledge); I'd be very happy to give the development of a new Dev9 plugin a go if I had somewhere to start. I don't even know what PCSX2 requires in its plugins. Is there some sort of guide to developing plugins for PCSX2 that I could start with?


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