Tony Hawk's Proving Ground Graphic Problem
Well, i know th Proving Ground is not supported. But it runs fine, with only few problems. I'm here to ask how i can fix these problems.
When running in Hardware mode:
And when running on Software:

DX9, DX111, same problem
PCSX2 0.9.8: Running with these problems
PCSX2 1.0.0: Only intro, then stops
PCSX2 1.1.0 Lastest SVN: Crash after intro

GSDX4600 SSE4.1
USA V1.6

Sorry about my english, im brazilian

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Some of those artifacts in HW mode probably could be cleared with skipdraw hack, in old versions you had to add "UserHacks=1" line to your GSdx.ini to see that hack in GSdx config. About those glitches which also show up in software mode I would check clamping modes under EE\VUs in Emulation Settings, maybe rounding modes as well just to be sure.
Other thing you could try is manual game fixes in emulation settings, especially that "EE timing hack", it could potentially fix the crash in new versions as well since some games require it for similar crashes and/or accuracy problems.
Ultimately you could also try mixing new GSdx with old pcsx2(or opposite in case it's a GSdx crash) just in case it could improve anything.

Nothing which would guarantee a fix, but at least you have a list of things to try before giving up.;3
Try setting your vu rounding mode to nearest or negative, cant remember which, also make sure you have a recent svn. At least software mode should look okay then.
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I will try these things

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