Too fast music, shakes alot, blue screen pop up for 1ms every time..what should I do?
GTX 460M

PCSX2 0.9.8 (r4600)

I have a friend with ps2, I guess I'll ask him if... by the way, how do I "Pass" the bios to the pc? (I'll read rules now Blink)

Dance dance revolution super nova 2

I have three problems that I have no idea how to fix it: (nothing helps)
1.I'm gettin 58~62FPS all the time, and somehow, the music is too fast, which is bad. Solution?
2.The screen shakes alot (up and down...). Solution?
3.All the time, a blue screen pop up while my sister plays, for 1ms, every second. Solution?

(All this problems caused because the bios version? I will have those problems even with my friend's ps2 bios?)

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the bios must come from a PS2 YOU OWN
Whats the problem with my friend's ps2? Its legal, right?
your friend owns it, not you.
You can press F4 (might be F5, but pretty sure it's F4) until the screen doesn't shake.
no, your "might" is correct, F4 is frame limiter.
anyways, that doesn't remove the illegal bios question.
Closed again
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