Tool/Cheat to walk through walls
Me and my friend are trying to glitch Metal Gear Solid 3 and we have a really cool idea. If we can glitch past a gate we will be able to save many minutes on a speed run. We are however not sure if the game is actually loading the trigger at such an early stage. Instead of spending more days/weeks trying to find an out of bounds glitch, is it possible for anyone here to supply information on how I could use PCSX2 or some other tool to remove the collision box so we can test it out first? Basically to make the character walk through walls?


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This might cause undesired effects. I used an editor to remove a car in Manhunt so that I could bypass an area, and the proper scripts never loaded/ran so that I could continue and going back and doing it properly just crashed the game.

Keep in mind some games only load a certain script after the completion of another to save memory. Another possibility is that what you detect on the other side of the collision box is only a partial load, (like only what could be visible) again to save memory.

Good luck though, you might find something interesting.

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