Tool for compressing iso ? (Linuz ISO)

I'm looking for an external command line tool for compressing / decompressing isos (to BZ2 + BZ2.table files), 7zip seems to support bzip2 files, but I've tryed to edit one of my compressed iso (made with the plugin in PCSX2), and it refuse to open it, so it don't seems to be the exact format (and it don't build the .table file ...)

I'm searching for this to batch compress my isos (It's a pain to do that in the plugin interface...)

I hope such tool exist, for Windows or Linux.

Thanks in advance Blush

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None exists that I am aware of.

The Linuzappz Iso compression is a special "seekable" version of bzip, which is why standard encoders can't read it. Normally bzip archives are solid compressed, with a single dictionary for the whole archive. For the file to be seekable, it's compressed in 64 or 128k chunks, with each chunk having its own dictionary.

In other words: a compressed iso is actually like several thousand little .bz2 files all concatenated together.
Jake Stine (Air) - Programmer - PCSX2 Dev Team
k, thanks for your reply, that's too bad >_<
bz2 isn't much better than standard NTFS compression, of which NTFS is much faster to compress in the first place.

I basically have all of my PS2 isos in an NTFS compressed folder and just right click and uncompress the few that don't play well with it like that (Star ocean for example has stuttering on my PC when it's compressed since how often it's accessing the disc)
Thanks for the tip, I didn't know that its possible to compress only one folder (I though that I had to compress the whole drive...)
Hi, I'm planning to use the NTFS compression now, so I needed a tool that could batch decompress all my BZ2 files... I've played a little with the sources, and made a hacked version of the plugin that can batch decompress, it is very basic, but does the job :
For using it, just move your bz2 + table files in the directory of the pcsx2.exe file, open the hacked linuz plugin config box, and press open iso, it will automaticly find all the bz2 files and decompress them in the same folder, updating the GUI with the file name and progess, and beeping each time a file was correctly decompressed.
Its not much, but it does save me a lot of work, I hope this could help someone else too Smile
Bye !

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