Tourist Trophy HD settings?
hello! i downloaded the pcsx2 specifically for tourist trophy.  the game works fine with default settings but i read that this is one of the few games that support HD so i want to play it in 720p. I tried some  settings but the problem is that the graphics are not 100% sharp / little blurry.
Can someone give me full list of the  best settings for 720p and look sharp?

I have  pcsx2 1.4.0  with gsdx10.
I have Nvidia card so should i also change something in the nvidia control panel for the specific program(pcsx2) ?

16:9 ? 1280x720?
Renderer? /  Interlacing?/  Allow 8bit? / 
Texture filtering: Bilinear forced or PS2?
Anisotropic filtering?
CRC hack level?
enable HW hacks?
Anti aliasing AA1? 
Shade boost?

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Try 2x native for 720p in GSDx settings or 3x for 1080p
(02-12-2016, 05:46 AM)Akiyama Wrote: Try 2x native for 720p in GSDx settings or 3x for 1080p

I tried 2x and it does look a little better however there is something very weird, when im driving in 3rd person the game gets kinda slow but not lag, and when i switch camera to first person the game is normal speed.
Try Nvidia Control panel, manage 3D, and using high performance for texture quality
Even though using native HD support you should upscale the resolution for a better picture. And to sharpen up the textures use the Fx shader through the GSdx external shader settings or HOME button during gameplay. You have to edit the shader settings in text editor to suit your need, disabling any effect you dont need or fine tuning them. Editing should be pretty straight forward, otherwise we are always here to help.
(I'd suggest turn off effects other than texture sharpen)

You should use the latest git build as it has fixes for games having native 1080i support.
And to avoid lags turn off FXAA OR AA.
I tested this game recently, and it does look a little blurry, even with higher than native scalings. I didn't try using a shader, so that might be a good idea.
You will be hard pressed to make the game look sharp, it uses the same engine as Gran Turismo 4 which has its own in build interlacing to make things quicker, so no matter what resolution you put it to, it will heavily interlace the image causing it to look blurry.
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I don't have Tourist Trophy but I do have GT4. Doesn't look that bad. (only the brightness issue)
Running at 3x scaling, ingame 1080i, forced texture filtering and fx shader. Dx11 HW.

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Look at the text on the barriers, that's due to the inbuilt interlacing.
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