Tourist Trophy Licenses (NTSC & PAL)
Hey, i'm new here Smile
Just installed pcsx2 and attempted running the Tourist Trophy game by polyphony, and am having trouble playing the licenses. The floor just turns black and all that is visible is the background, i've done some googling and only found that the problem is known about, i've not managed to find any fixes Sad which is why i'm posting!

Specs are:
i5 2500k OC'd @ 4.7Ghz (quad core)
Nvidia MSI Dual Frozr II GT560 Ti (also OC'd)
Gigabyte ga-z68ap-d3
Corsair Vengeance RAM

Tried both NTSC and PAL versions of the game, but to no avail Sad i would download a save game, but there are no saves with only the licenses completed, they're all fully completed game saves, of which i have no interest.

Any help would be gladly appreciated Smile

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try use SW mode.
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(03-14-2012, 02:02 AM)tallbender Wrote: try use SW mode.

Thanks a lot for the reply Smile , i'll attempt it and reply ^^
I am having the same problem when trying to do licensesAngry

I Tried SW mode in dx9, dx10 and dx11

I have NTSC version

Any other suggestions would be appreciated!Smile
It might be a problem with EE or VU round modes or clamps. Try a couple different settings there and report back please.
I have exactly the same problem. I tried a lot of versions, bios, and video plugin. the game works good but impossible to start the licence.
Please someone could help me to configure my soft ? My config is :
i5 2500k
8go ram ddr3 1600mhz
nvidia gtx 460 1go

Thank you very much
note : MGS 3 works very nice !
See this post wskmkv
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