Tourist Trophy crash
HI everyone, as the title says i have a problem with tourist trophy, the problem is that when i click on start race, the fps start going down and when it reaches zero the computer frozen up, i dont know what could be the problem, my pc is:

CPU: amd fx8150 black edition
GPU: ati 6950
RAM: 12GB ddr 2133mhz


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Bulldozer CPU is not very strong for PCSX2 purposes. You're only using 2 or 3 cores out the 8, that's it. Essentially it has the muscle of a 5 year old Athlon. Piledriver is much improved. Basically, overclock your CPU, use MTVU hack, and maybe set your CPU affinities to even numbered cores that way the threading is done via separate modules. Also make sure you have good heat dissipation as those 8 core monsters are power hungry and give off tons of heat. Too much heat could equal computer freezing.

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