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Trainer +5 - Final Fantasy XII (PAL) [SLES-54354]
hello, idk if anyone needs this but here it is anyway, made it for personal usage.

[Image: dhrdhr.png]

-this is a game trainer for Final Fantasy XII (PAL) [SLES-54354]
-pcsx2 version 1.3.1 (tested also with 1.2.1, i believe this trainer works with any current version of pcsx2)
-the trainer might work with the ntsc version of the game also, havent tested.
-searches for pcsx2.exe process so if your executable is named pcsx2_r5853.exe etc rename it to pcsx2.exe.

so what does it do?
Vaan attack hack       - makes vaan always hit 9999, also spells hit spell maximum
Vaan defence hack    - all enemy attacks cause 0 damage to vaan
Vaan +100 LP           - add 100 license points to vaan
vaan +10.000 exp     - add 10.000 exp to vaan (exp will be updated after you kill the next enemy)
+100.000 gil             - add 100.000 gil

how to use it?
-start pcsx2.exe and load ffxii, when you re in the game and you can move vaan open the trainer (FFXII_PCSX2_131_T+5.exe), now select what cheats you want and resume to game and enjoy.
-to disable vaan attack and defence hacks turn them off and unequip your weapon and then re-equip it and the values will change back to normal.

- Download - (198kb)

feel free to comment. Smile

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