Transfering game saves to a new computer?
I just recently built a new computer and got everything working nicely, but I was wondering if I could transfer the memory card/game save information from my old computer to my new computer without any problems?

I ask because Ive had experience with memory card corruption in the past, due to changing the spelling of the name of the game. If anybody has any positive experience with this, i'd really appreciate any input

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Save state should not pose any problem since they use the crc of the game to name the files, just make sure to use the same emulator version. Im not sure how the memcards identify the game but ive transferred my memcards between 2 pcs on several occasions with no problems.
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Just copy the over the folder containing the memory cards. My entire PCSX folder (including memory cards) survived many revisions and transfers to/from temporary storage and new hard drives.

It sounds like you extract and insert game saves from the memory cards. There is a risk of corruption if you wish to modify your memory cards in such a way.

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