Transferring Real Memory Card Saves
Is it possible to transfer real ps2 memory card save files to be used with PCSX2? I assume I would the very least need the transfer cable.


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uLaunchElf or some means of FTP from your PS2, you can copy the savegames off the memory card to a memorystick or over the network, then use mymc to import them Smile
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I don't have a PS2 anymore and my backwards compatible PS3 YYLOD'd hence why I am moving to the emulator side of things...(which is so much better..FF12 feels like a different game in HD.) Does uLaunchElf require a ps2 to be hooked up via FTP as well?

Also, refraction since you are a coder I am curious about something you might know. Idk if you are familiar with Dolphin but why does PCSX2 run well on my machine but dolphin is borderline unplayable. it's like 30fps. Granted I am using some speed hacks but still I get a very playable frame rate. Is it because PCSX2 uses the video card more and isn't as processor intensive? Or is dolphin too premature and new? I mean wii and ps2 are both standard definition low spec machines so I would assume they would require the same emulation power.
uLaunchElf runs off a PS2; so it requires it to begin with. If there is other ways to get around this, I don't know them.

I just got done transferring my PS1/2 memory cards last night, then repeating my PS2 ones because I found out I can copy them already converted to .psu files (and because I mistakenly copied my second card twice instead of both cards, durp). It's a good thing I picked up swap magic all those years ago else I probably would've never been able to get my saves, which I'd hate to even think about. (one of my PS1 memory cards was starting to die; could lose the data due to bit rot as well)

Can finally switch 100% to emulation, I am so relieved. Funny that I bought a component cable and never really got a chance to use it. Poor low-res PS2. Sad
And not to nag or anything, but you MUST own a Playstation 2 to get support here, otherwise you don't have the right to use it's BIOS Smile
As above closing.
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