Transferring Saved game
I just have a quick question. I play the same game (SD Gundam G Generation Wars) on two computers, I'm wondering where is the save folder so that when I play on my other one, I can just start where I left off at home, so I don't have to redo the whole mission or etc.

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Just copy the memory card file on a USB and bring it with you.

Otherwise, if both computers have internet, just e-mail yourself the file or host it on some webhosting service like etc.

The memory cards are located in your PCSX2 folder at /PCSX2/memcards/
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okay thanks alot
Hi i want to play sd gundam g generation wars and i want to know the exact config, i mean everything, from cpu to speedhacks, because i get a 40 fps in interludes and so, and 30 fps on battle scenes
There wasn't any need to hijack a three month old thread for this question.

That said, no person has every single configuration written down for every single game. The defaults for the emu should work well for the most part, then you're on your own to play around with speedhacks to get the best your computer has to offer.

Though, if you're only getting 30-40fps, chances are your machine is just too slow. Most speed hacks will only net you about another 10-15% between all of them... so you're not going to get full speed on your machine in this game.
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