Transferring saves
Hey guys, in a little while i'll be building myself a new computer, which i'm hoping will be able to run my favourite ps2 games in HD Laugh

However, seeing as i recently started a new game in Kingdom Hearts 1, i don't want to restart it again, and was wondering if there is a way to transfer the virtual memory card from this computer to the new one?

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You can simply put it on a pendrive, burn on cd/dvd or even upload it to the net. Those memory cards are .ps2 files and are stored by default(if you installed pcsx2 and left it unchanged) inside C:\Users\username\Documents\PCSX2\memcards soo just copy this folder by any means you want to your new computer. After installing pcsx2 on new pc, you can copy those files to same folder at new pc or simply set pcsx2 to any other folder to seek memory cards to use(config>memory cards>browse).
Thanks mate, didn't think it'd be that simple Tongue
Theres a low chance that the saves will get corrupted right?
Not really they're normal files, so unless your pendrive will get a problem or it get's corrupted while uploading. You can always compress it with 7zip or anything similar, zip/rar/ace etc. and it'll be much lesser in size and with some compressing programs you can add additional repair data to get more protection from corruption.
So i tried doing this and i get an access denied error when i try to load the memory card...

EDIT: Turned UAC off, problem solved. Stupid Windows.

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