Transformers Armada
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I tried the PAL version of Transformers Armada yesterday on r5389 SVN. Appreciate that this is a SVN build but don't think the version is the root cause of my question.

The characters (Prime etc) seem to be quite pixely (not even sure if that's a word)...Even at 720/1080 with/without AA. Not that this will in any way impair the gameplay, and I truly appreciate the work done here, just wondered if it's simply down to the fact the game was made that way originally?...

Core i7 2670 - 8gb ram - Windows 7 64 - nvidia 540m (Optimus) Using DX9/DX11 - Not listed settings as I tested with/without all...

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try 2x native that is higher then 720 / 1080
(08-21-2012, 09:53 AM)warWeeny Wrote: try 2x native that is higher then 720 / 1080

Thanks, I'll give it a go, however, do you think it will make that much difference?...Other games that I have played seem to have benefited hugely from 720 or higer resolutions, whils this just doesn't seem to make much difference..
Check if Texture filtering is turned on.
(08-21-2012, 11:41 AM)DUL7 Wrote: Check if Texture filtering is turned on.

I'm pretty sure I did try that, but I'll check. The environments seem to look fine, so maybe it's just the character designs in the orginal that are designed that way.

I got a bit Amazon and Charity shop happy when I discovered PCSX2 and have so many games to try.....So I guess I can just put TF further down the list of games to play. I seem to have just as much fun configuring PCSX2 as I do playing the games though. ;-)

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