Translation files for German (de_DE) (Updated 6/26/2012)
.po files for 1.0. 2 fuzzy strings in there, shouldn't be a problem.

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If the fuzzy string are correctly translated, they must be unfuzzed. Fuzzy translation is equivalent to no translation (if I understand correctly).

Not sure you are aware of it but some translations aren't really translated in the iconized stuff.
Quote:#: pcsx2/gui/Panels/GSWindowPanel.cpp:55
msgid "!ContextTip:Window:Zoom"
msgstr "!ContextTip:Window:Zoom"

Quote:#: pcsx2/gui/Panels/GameFixesPanel.cpp:89
msgid "!ContextTip:GamefixesLaughMA Busy hack"
msgstr "!ContextTip:GamefixesLaughMA Busy hack"
Here you go, all fixed Tongue2

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.7z   de_DE.7z (Size: 22,34 KB / Downloads: 861)
Thanks commited in r5335.

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