Translation files for Simplified Chinese (zh_CN) (Updated 10/3/2012)
4/6/2011: Updated to trunk r4531 (same as 0.9.8 r4532)
4/7/2011: Updated to trunk r4538 (usable for 0.9.8 as well, as the only difference is one string is commented out in 0.9.8)
6/15/2011: Updated to trunk r4744
8/13/2011: Updated to trunk r4869.
9/24/2011: Updated to trunk r4918.
5/13/2012: Updated to r5198.
10/3/2012: Updated to r5427.

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commit in 0.9.8 rev 4521
looks like the strings for 0.9.8 are not final anyway Sad
I'll just edit the first post for future updates.
Sorry for that, one new string slipped in. I removed it in r4533.
There is still the new string "zoom"
#: pcsx2/gui/Panels/GSWindowPanel.cpp:116
msgid "Zoom:"
msgstr ""
Anyway I do not think it will cost much to translate this last one.
Gee. As soon as I know how to do this line without the "translate me" underscore, I can fix it Tongue2

s_AspectRatio += Label(_("Zoom:")) | StdExpand();
s_AspectRatio += Label(L"Zoom:") | StdExpand(); Actually the translate macro is the function: _()

But do not change it. Or completely remove the string, but I do not thinks it is a good solution.

1/ no translatable string will appears in english.
2/ String not translated by translator will appears in english. The coverage will not be 100% but that not important Tongue2
So better give a change to translate it.
Commit in rev4540.
Whops, I already figured out that "L" will get me a non translated label and committed that change.
Then I saw you replied here.
Hope it's still okay? Tongue2
just to confirm: does "GS limited game" mean the speed is limited by GS usage?

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