Transparency in game model/ holes ;( please help!
I managed to get rid if the lines across the screen but now I am missing pieces in models and stuff heres a pic:

[Image: 10diduh.png]
[Image: 2ch759l.png]

Do i need to configure something or change my plugin? or activate something... Help please Sad thanks

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I dunno if this is the same issue, but in the new 0.9.6 release for snow leopard with ZZOgl-pg 0.1.0 (and without adding it too) I get textures appearing and disappearing constantly. I haven't run pcsx2 in a while, but I don't recall getting this problem with the last release. I only have FF12 with me now, so I haven't tried any other game with the new version.

Here's a screenshot that shows the problem, but since the forum only allows 500kb attachments, I've uploaded an animation that shows the problem better here:

Trying different graphics options hasn't fixed this. Maybe there's something I'm missing ....

Edit: Gah! the gif doesn't animate in mediafire's window. It has to be downloaded first.
Iki, I had the same issue as you with FF12. I'm having the same problem with FFX now. Character models are somewhat messed up, and the environments are all choppy.

Zedron posted a youtube video of the upcoming release showing FFX. The quality was much better than I'm getting, so I'm hoping that release will help. If you come up with anything else I'd love to see it, I'd love to know.

No-logZ enabled?
(02-07-2011, 12:53 PM)zedr0n Wrote: No-logZ enabled?

Ooo! that fixed it Biggrin
I had no idea what a z artifact was ...

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