Transparency problem with GSdx software renderer
As you can see, in Code Veronica, Software renderer has a transparency problem where some textures are transparent when they are not suppose to be, especially when it's a light source or fire like in the pictures provided. The odd thing is, hardware mode, which isn't as accurate as software mode, does not have this issue. This is not the only game with this issue, Okami also has this issue in software renderer as well as a few others I can't think of right now.

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Yeah! Sometimes software modes may be buggy in rendering some graphics. Tongue2
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care to explain which picture is which? youve made them so small i cant tell what is what
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The one where you can see the fire is the software, the one covering the fire is hardware. The hardware picture is how it is suppose to look, but it is odd as software mode is usually more accurate than hardware.
Gabest recently improved the Z handling for the sw renderer.
Check if the latest SVN version solves your issue:
I can't download r4971, only r4968. And if you're talking about r4968, that's the one I've been using.
In which case, does a much older gsdx work ok?
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How old are you talking about? There're literally over a thousand pcsx2 builds. And either way, shouldn't this be looked into? Some people with an Intel extreme processor actually prefer software mode.
i was trying to establish if it was something recent that caused it, thats why i asked, im not saying "use an older one its tough" im trying to help find cause, so please, bare with us.

If you can try the one which came with the PCSX2 0.9.8 release the one maybe around 4950 (im suspecting itll break on r4966 if it is a recent change)
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Confirmed, it's working fine in r4895 so it's probably those new changes since software renderer hadn't been touched for a while Tongue2

Edit: r4964 was fine, r4966 didn't show the fire at all, r4967 showed the fire over the solid... carpet... thing... transparency issue...
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