Transparent Walls in GoW2

i have a problem with God of War 2(NTSC). The walls appear to be transparent so all you see is the environment of the city you start at and the collossus isn't visible either.
This bug occurs when i use a gsdx which fixes the green screen but I think this "environment bug" also is with greenscreen but barely visible.
When i get close to a wall I actually see the textures which are supposed to be there but with the slightest distance between me and the wall its transparent.

Please help me out to fix this!

Thanks in advance for the help and I am new to the forums please have patience!


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(09-06-2009, 08:07 AM)Eth3real Wrote: i use a gsdx which fixes the green screen

Would this happen to be a modified version of gsdx?

If so, you aren't going to get official support for that. Can't support a version with god-knows-what changed, pray someone with that same plugin knows how to fix it.

Have you tried the latest GSDX? Maybe it'll fix both.
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i tried the game with both official gsdx plugins and modified ones.
the latest official one i tried was the r1650 with the newest beta which resulted in greenscreen.

My System:

Core 2 Quad Q6600
ATI Radeon HD4850 with Catalyst 9.7
WinXP 32 SP3

Colud the bug occur because of DX9?

EDIT: Maybe somebody could post their DX9 (hardware mode) config with which GoW2 runs perfect?
Gow 2 runs fine with me. except that there are no shadows on the ground for the characters.

here are my PCSX2 Config:

- PCSX2 r1888 (latest beta release)
- GSdx 1873 SSSE3 / DX10 Hardware / Native / 640x480 85 window
(you can press Alt+Enter for full screen)
- Linuz ISO CDVD 0.9.0
- USA Console.

hope that helps!
It's either a bug in DX9 or SSE2. I saw that same problem (green screen) with official plugin. I don't know why unofficial plugins works better in GOW 1 and 2.
thx for the settings but i run WinXP so i only can use DX9 which i think is the source of this problem because i read that i works fine in dx10 even with older builds.

For the record:
I'm using a NTSC Iso, and no matter what gsdx i use the screen is either green with the transparent walls or not green but transparent

Can it be a damaged iso?
Can it be DX9?
Can it be NTSC?
because i saw on youtube several vids of guys playing gow2 with a pal iso in dx9

PLZ Help!
Try the Windows 7 Enterprise or Server 2008 R2 trial which has DirectX 10 and 11.

Oh, wait. I think I already tried that and the same bug still occurs. My version is NTSC also BTW.
it is DX9 Problem.

Dx9 = Transparent Walls / Textures.

Dx10 = Fine Display

i use Windows Vista.

BUT make sure when u use a GSdx that removes the green to use USA Console with it.
actually it's a problem with Gsdx SSE2 and DX9/DX10. See because you're using the Gsdx SSSE3 plugin which apparently does not have this problem in DX10.

I assume you meant USA BIOS, not console.
i will try a lot of different settings for this game and come back with the result later.

yes i meant USA BIOS Happy

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